• General information about granite stone for export

    granite stone for export

    Granite is a very hard and durable stone and has a high polishing capability. Granite stones are found in red, black, brown, chocolate, pink, blue, and green. Their grain size is large and visible to the naked eye. The resistance of this product is higher than that of marble and travertine, and its polished and shiny surface is more preserved.
    Granite stone for export is the most common building stone that is widely used in the construction industry and it is used for paving, washbasins, and stairs.
    Granite is the best choice for building stairs; because the stairs are worn and polluted due to heavy traffic, Therefore, stones such as granite should be used for them; because they are very durable and durable.

    Granite quarries in Iran

    Iran is a rich country in terms of stone mines; because different types of it can be extracted from mines in different cities and used for various purposes.
    Granite stone for export is also one of the stones whose mines are found in cities such as Khorram Dareh, Birjand, Hamedan, Mashhad, Natanz, Gilan, Toos, Nehbandan, Yazd, and Zanjan. The design and color of this product are different in each region. And this is a great advantage for the country, which eliminates the need to import this stone.

    Natanz black granite

    This product has a black theme and it is extracted from several mines. Hence, each of them has its characteristics.
    The difference between the stones of these mines is in the opacity of their color Some of them are darker in color with white lines Others have a more uniform pencil tip.
    Features of this stone include low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, high resistance to cold and heat, and sunlight.
    In the manufacturing process of this product, epoxy is used to make its color more uniform.
    Natanz black granite stone for export has different mines Among them, we can mention the black granite mine of Natanz Molaei, Hosseini, Alizadeh, and Shafaq.
    Among these mines, Molaei mine has a very high quality. The product color of this mine is dark with white lines.
    One of the most widely used uses of this stone is its use for paving the interior of the building.
    The price of the granite stone for export depends on various factors. For example, the type of mine can affect its quality and ultimately its price. The cleaner and blacker the stone, the higher the price. Processing quality, dimensions, and thickness are also known as other factors affecting the price of a stone.

    Tuyserkan granite of Hamedan

    Sarkan black granite stone for export has a black color theme and is one of the most special granites in Iran. One of the features of this product is its high susceptibility. This stone has a uniform black color and high strength and it can be used for paving the interior of the building, stairwell, and staircase. Among the factors influencing the price of this stone is its thickness, dimensions, and processing quality in terms of saw and cut. The cleaner the color of this product and without cracks, it has a higher price.

    Zahedan granite stone for export

    This product is known as one of the brightest cotton flower granites in Iran.
    Features of this stone include regular granulation, high strength, and relatively low water absorption. Its color is lighter than Natanz white granite. This material has several mines, the best of which is the string mine. Its features include a uniform surface and peppery salt grains. This granite stone for export
    has a good sub-susceptibility. It is used in the interior of the building, stairs, and as a kitchen counter.
    Several factors affect the price of this granite stone for export. For example, the type of mine in terms of quality and color, thickness and dimensions of the stone, and the quality of processing are among the factors affecting the price of this stone.
    The thicker and larger the stone, the higher the price. Also, clean stones without tubers and light are more expensive than other samples.

    Nehbandan granite

    Shaghayegh Nehbandan granite stone for export is one of the best types of granite. Features of this stone include low water absorption, high strength, and uniformity of its surface.
    This granite stone for export does not have much sorting and its weaker varieties have black spots. This product has different uses These include its use as a paving stone for the interior of the building, the body of the stairs, and the staircase.
    This material is an example of the most widely used stones for office and industrial projects. The cleaner and tuber-free this material is, the thicker and larger it is, the higher its price. The quality of stone processing in terms of saw and cutting also affects its price.

    Advantages of granite

    • Variety of designs and colors
    Granite stone for export is available in nature with a high variety of designs, colors, and textures and this has led to the use of this material to beautify the building.
    Granite has a unique beauty without the need for design and its diverse colors offer consumers countless options to choose from. With this product, harmony can be easily created in space and enjoyed its color-matching with other elements in the space. Gray, white, black, green, and red are among the most common colors of granite.
    • Durability and longevity
    Granite stone for export is an example of a type of building stone That shows the necessary efficiency in a wide range of applications without changing its structure or color.
    To use granite stone for export, it is only necessary to cut it to the desired dimensions after extraction and transfer it to stone cutting. Such a stone is hard and durable, but at the same time it is flexible and if it is under pressure or wears, it will not be damaged.
    • The price is right
    Granite stone has a better price for export than other samples that are exported. Because its resources are found in abundance in the country. Also lower maintenance costs.
    • Compatibility with other materials
    Using this granite stone for export, unique designs can be achieved in the architecture industry. One of its obvious advantages is its ability to be used with other materials such as steel, wood, and glass.
    Therefore, granite stone for export can be considered as a complementary material for the building; Because it retains its beauty and personality well and is compatible with other materials.
    • Heat resistance
    The strength of the granite stone for export against high heat is excellent, hence it is used to make kitchen counters; Because hot dishes can be placed on them without any worries.
    • Environment lover
    Granite is a raw material that is extracted from natural resources. Therefore, unlike other materials, it does not require much money and time to produce. This material is durable, renewable, and can be recycled even years after use. Resistance to water penetration Rock granite stone for export is non-porous and shows very high.
    • Resistance to water penetration
    This product is used to make toilet sinks, kitchen sinks, counters, and floors; Because water and moisture will not destroy its resistance.
    • Corrosion resistance
    Granite stone for export is very resistant to corrosion, for this reason, if chemicals are poured on it, it will not be damaged.
    • Resistance to scratches
    Abrasion granite stone for export is a hard and very durable material That is invulnerable to scratches and scratches. This stone is a good choice for a staircase; Because it does not suffer from abrasion due to constant travel.

    Export of granite

    Export of various types of construction granite has long been one of the most prosperous items in the country’s export industry Iranian ores, both raw and processed, have many fans abroad.
    Granite stone for export is one of the most widely used stones in the field of export The reason for the desire to export granite is the very high strength of this stone along with the very low price of that stone.
    Nehbandan granite, Natanz granite, pearl granite, Zahedan granite, Khorram Dareh granite, and Yazd red granite are among the Iranian granite categories that are exported. Large-scale landscaping projects in Iraq and other countries could increase granite exports.
    Granite stone for export is suitable in cold and all weather conditions and traffic on it does not reduce its quality. Waystone stone has completed all the steps of travertine stone export and ships to the specified destination.
    Granite is one of the most popular stones for export Due to its high strength and uniform color, it is in great demand for export. Granite is used for all weather conditions due to its high strength Which is why it is exported to countries with different climatic conditions.

    Natanz white granite stone for export:

    The high quality of this granite has made it possible to export it to countries such as Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Iraq, Armenia, Turkey, and Russia. The difference between the price of Natanz white granite in the domestic market and the export market is in the cost of packaging and pallets.

    Nehbandan granite stone for export:

    Nehbandan stone is also a good option for export. This brand is mainly exported in slab and tile dimensions but depending on the customer’s order, it can also be produced in the requested size and dimensions.

    Yazd Red Granite stone for export:

    The high density of this granite makes it one of the best red granite stones in the world. One of our biggest customers is the export of granite to Iraq the rose industry has the largest export of stone to Iraq, in addition to exporting granite to Iraq, we also export granite to Russia and Turkey.
    The price of exported granite depends on the type of stone, the size of the stone, and the thickness of the stone. One of the preferred sizes for exporting granite is 60 x 60 Used for Iraq, Syria, Russia, and Turkey.

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