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Picasso Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GA1
Beautiful green granite with its omnifarious patterns and hues is reminiscent of watercolor paintings. For this reason, it is named after the eminent artist Pablo Picasso. This is one the most favorite granite amongst buyers, and it is also known as green marble in the market. One of its unique characteristics is that not only it looks impressive in its polished form, but the leathered finish also makes it look ravishing and attracts attention in the world of special granite production.

Jasper Galaxy Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GDA 
The name is self-explanatory, a small sized example of the galaxy. This kind has its own numerous admirers around the world.

Emerald Coast Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GK
This one represents the exact color of water surrounding coral islands. If used beside darker shades of stone, this one can become significantly enticing.

Courtier Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GDB
A perfect combination of dark blue and green. It is fair to say that this one is architects’ favorite with its attractive shapes and colors.

Super Lemony Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GLS
As the name suggests, this stone has different shades of yellow and lemon colors. Over the many years of our activity, super Lemony has been used for so many grand projects in Iran and all around the world.

Jungle Green Granite

Green Granite, CODE: GJ
With its yellow and green shades and peculiar patterns, this one imitates jungle in fall, and it is mostly used in luxury goods because of its enchanting appearance.

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