Slab, Tile, Furniture

Slab Production Line

To expand its production to the utmost degree, Green Granite Group is now producing slab green granites in Esfahan, Iran. You may find all these types of green granites in our products section.

Our principal policy has always been to respond as properly and promptly as possible to our customers’ demands and expectations. That’s why in this unit we accept orders specific to the costumers’ needs regarding their size, thickness, type of polishing, packaging and etc. (all within the standard limits). And we embark on the production process right after the order is checked and approved by our technical team.

The main hue of our granites is green. Our granite stones can be used with different surface finishes such as polished, honed, flamed, mushroom, brushed, leather honed.

Our products have been widely known and demanded in the global market since their introduction.

Tile Production Line

Many years ago, Green Granite Group decided to establish a production complex beside its mines in Birjand, in order to develop and promote green granite of Iran.

From that time on, we have been proudly supplying the full needs of largest construction and architecture projects in Iran.

Due to the wide range of green hues in these green stones, they are mostly known as “green marble” or “green marble of Iran” in East Asian Markets.

To find more about these different variations of green stones of Iran, make sure to visit the products section on our website.

The Green Granite Group’s commitment to provide quality products for our customers is not ended at our mines; we have expanded our operation to further processed granite blocks in our factories in Birjand, Iran and provide the market around the world with the final products.

Furniture Production Line

As Green granite group tries to respond to every taste and worldwide demand, we have started furniture production in our factory in Mashhad, Iran, especially directed at mass-producing bathroom sinks.

 We thrive at the point where the natural beauty of green stone meets the authenticity of handmade designs accompanied by modern technology. Therefore, we have decided to present novel designs and products made from green granite/ marble of Iran to our international customers. Employing highly skilled specialists has always been one of our important policies in order for us to be enabled to serve our customers’ needs in the best way possible.

It is worthy to mention, to this day (2020, September 11th), we are the first and only granite manufacturer with the capability to mass produce green granite furniture.