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    The Green Granite Group started its operation in 1985 from the city of Birjand, South Khorasan in eastern Iran.

    The Green Granite Group and its investing partners’ top priority have always been providing high-quality products to our customers. To achieve the highest production quality, we use and incorporate modern tools and techniques (methodologies) in our production process.

    What is Online Stock?!

    Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online shopping has started to play a more important role in our today’s lives. That’s why Green Granite Group has begun to provide a web platform for costumers to be readily informed of our stocks, including granite and marble blocks, and to have a more pleasant experience in online shopping. Online shopping section is going to be exploited in other complexes of Green Granite Group, as well.

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    What is granite stone?

    The type of internal igneous rock is called granite, which has medium to large grains; granite stone is made of quartz and mica, feldspar, and

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    Green Granite , What is it? Where does it come from?

    Green Granites are a marvelous variation of granite stones which have been used in many different industries and designing projects. They have played an essential role in designing dazzling luxurious buildings since the very beginning of ancient civilizations. Its early presence in marble industry goes back to ancient Egypt which acted as the basic material in building pyramids.

    By the ever-growing expansion of modern architecture and its improvements in the field of aesthetics, all companies and individual experts have been trying to find the right material to satisfy the nuances of their customers’ needs.

     This has led to an unprecedented demand for these green stones, because green granite stone is where science meets art. So, it can be a proper response to the requirements of companies and designers all over the world. In order to get familiar their exceptional properties, we need to know what they really are.

    Where does granite stone originate?

    The first step of identifying any entity is to know the literal meaning and the etymology of its name. “Granite” as a word is taken from the Latin word “granum”, which means grain. The word, then, goes to Italian transformed into “granito” with the meaning of “gained.” No sooner than mid-17th century does this word finds its way into English language in the same shape as the word we know.

     Beside its lexical meaning which has paved a long way to be used by us today, the forming process of the granite stone itself is considered astoundingly long and wondrous.

    Knowing the process better, helps up appreciate its beauty even more than before. To realize how green granite stone is made, we need to go back to the magma left unattended beneath the earth’s surface. Then, these magmata undergo a very slow process of crystallization to be transformed into granite.

    Main components of this type of stone are amphiboles natural quartz and feldspar with amounts of mica, and other organic minerals. So, those granite sinks and countertop that you are right now having in your bathrooms and kitchens used to be molten lava one day.

     The different proportions of the named minerals result in different colors and hues of the granite stone ranging from mere white and grey to extraordinarily eye-catching green.

    Although granite mines can be found in many places on earth’s crust, there are not many countries around the world who can mine high-quality granite with those special green hues from their quarries.

     The county of origin of the stone defines its pattern and color. Iran is one of those few countries to have abundant resources of green granite stone, whose very rare patterns and hues are difficult to find.
    Huge amounts of explosives and heavy machinery are used to mine granite out of earth. These raw stones are extracted in the form of blocks of stone. These blocks are transported to industrial facilities where they are cut into slabs.

    Then the slabs are cut into pieces according to your orders. Their edges are smoothed and they are finished in many different ways (honed, polished, etc.) suitable to your needs. The important point here is the uniqueness of granite slabs.

     As it has a totally natural surface, every pattern is limited to only a few numbers of slabs. Then the similar-looking slabs are categorized into bundles of slabs which look alike.

    Your kitchen sink or countertop normally needs more than one slab, so this categorization ensures that all of their surfaces look the same, consistently natural, and unique. Afterwards, these magnificent-looking natural materials are ready to be used in the design of your buildings, whether interior or exterior. Let’s not forget the important fact that what you have received for your order remains unique to you.

    Why Granite Stone?

    There are many reasons why granite has been so popular among people throughout history. It has some useful characteristics which makes it wanted by everyone as a must in their designs. The first and foremost is its appearance and beauty. 

    Granite is one of the most beautiful natural stones one can use or even see. The main reason is that this stone is available in thousands of colors and patterns.

    If you want something that attracts everyone’s attention, or even if you are looking for something that stays gracefully unnoticed in harmony with your elegant décor, if you prefer a light-themed furnishing or if, on the opposite, your taste is closer to a darker theme, the right answer always lies with granite stone, and more especially green granite.

     Another salient feature that accompanies this beauty is that no matter what pattern or color you choose, no other stone in the world will bear its resemblance.

    Durability is another significant feature of green granite stone. If you take care of your granite surface properly, which is not a difficult task to do, it can stay unchanged for many years. 

    This reason makes it a great choice for surfaces that are going to be frequently used by a lot of people, even like professional catering kitchens or outdoor spaces, let alone being employed for home-use only.

    Granite stone enjoys two types of resistance which has help it perfect its functionality. It is heat resistant and for that reason, it can be used anywhere regardless of the heat of what you put on it.

     Hot pots, kettles, frying pans or any other kitchenware cannot affect the surface du to their heat. The other positive feature of granites is that they are scratch resistant. It is considered one of the hardest stones existing in the world. No normal home knife can do any harm to your granite sink or countertop, and even the knife itself may get damaged.

    Unlike many other substances and materials, granite needs the least maintenance-related actions to be taken. Cleaning and polishing the surface, which are not time-taking at all, will be sufficient if you want to keep your green granite surface as good as a new one for many years to come.