FRAUD ALERT! 4/24/2021

We have recently identified some fraudsters who are pretending to act as our sellers and representatives.

Please be advised, to verify our authorized selling agents, you can contact us through our head office email ( info@green-granite.com ).

Transport | 2/21/2021

Green Granite Group prepares the best transportation services for its customers in the shortest time.

Due to the problems caused by the covid-19 in global transport; Green Granite Group has been able to provide fast and quality services to its customers by adopting best solutions.


Online Stock | 10/24/2020

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, online shopping has started to play a more important role in our today’s lives. That’s why Green Granite Group has begun to provide a web platform for costumers to be readily informed of our stocks, including granite and marble blocks, and to have a more pleasant experience in online shopping.

Online shopping section is going to be exploited in other complexes of Green Granite Group, as well.