Our Services

Quality Controls

In order to respect Consumer Protection Laws and respond properly to its customers’ trust, Green Granite Group runs strict quality control and monitoring practices for every one of its products. These processes are listed below:


Products grading and sorting based on quality control by the representative of product manager on the production day.


Regrading and barcode labeling the sorted products based on quality rate by labeling office.


Re-evaluation of the labeled products (to check labeling accuracy), and if passed, QC certification marking by quality inspector.


It is possible for our online buyers to receive a quality certification signature by one of the Hosseinpoors in the last stage of their shopping.


Green Granite Group fully handles logistics regarding transportation of the products from its mines and factories to every corner of the world, considering all of your preferences with exceptional offers.

Special Orders

In order to respect our customers and their needs, our technical team considers all of your special orders, and once their manufacturing possibility is approved, we embark on producing them in their highest quality possible.