• Factors affecting the Iranian Granite Stone price


    If we want to describe the factors affecting the Iranian Granite Stone price in general, I must say that there are many of them, and we will address some of them. The Iranian Granite Stone price depends on various factors.

    Another item that is very effective in the Iranian Granite Stone price is the type of granite. Granite stones have different characteristics due to their other formation conditions, so their price is not the same. In the following, we will mention the factors affecting the Iranian Granite Stone price and explain each one.

    Factors of Iranian Granite Stone price

    These factors are related to the extraction and processing of granite, and we will take a look at them. The method of stone extraction has a significant effect on the Iranian Granite Stone price.

    The choice of natural stone extraction method depends on the type of stone. For example, Natanz granite is one of the hardest granites, so to extract this stone, you must use machines and tools that can cut this granite. The use of these devices is expensive, so Natanz granite is more costly than other granite stones. Apart from granite, travertine is the most resistant stone, and in the third category, marble and marble have more resistance.

    The softer the stone, the lower the cost of extracting it, but the higher the cost of processing the stone naturally. But stone extraction has higher expenses compared to the production and processing of granite.

    Type of granite processing

    The processing operations that they perform on different granite stones are: cutting slate or block of natural stone to standard thicknesses with machines suitable for rock, using reinforcements, using resin and epoxy, sawing, polishing, and polishing stone. Construction, painting the stone, the size of the longitudinal and transverse cuts of the rock, the use of lace, etc. The difference in processing costs and stone production is also because each natural granite has its processing operations. For example, because Natanz granite is a resistant stone, fewer processing operations are performed on it than other stones, so the cost of stone processing is meager here. Still, marble is the opposite of this type of granite.

    The quality and investigation of the stone, the shading, and plan of the stone, the width and measurements of the stone, the specific kind of stone are different things that influence the cost of the stone after the handling activity.

    Total Price

    After producing and processing granite stone with standard dimensions, pricing is done on the rock, and it is sent to the stone market. The most crucial factor that affects the Iranian Granite Stone price here is the location and amount of stone used in construction.

    For example, if this granite is used in the building’s exterior, factors such as the height and length of the building facade, the type of facade (Roman, modern, traditional, etc.), the front of the building. They affect the Iranian Granite Stone price.

    But if a stone is used in the building’s interior, the most critical factor influencing the Iranian Granite Stone price is the type of granite. Because in the interior, attention to the beauty and characteristics of the stone is more important than the exterior. Also, the right to choose granite for interior decoration is much more than the exterior. But both in the exterior and in the interior, the area where the granite is to be installed is essential. Of course, if the space is ample, the cost will be higher for you and vice versa.

    Top factors that impact Granite Stone Price

    The point that we must express in the end is that granite stone of any type, with any method that has been extracted and in any area that we have ordered, the price of Iranian slab granite is higher than tile stone. Tile stone is called building stones with standard dimensions of 40 * 40, 60 * 60, 80 * 80, and slab stone is called a stone with dimensions of more than 220 * 120 cm.

    Different building stones affects its price

    There are different types of building stones from which you can choose the stone you want. In this section, we will introduce some rocks:

    Granite: It has a unique beauty. It is used to build columns and on the walls and floor of a building.

    Quartzite: Another stone is quartzite, which is used for the facade and surface of stairs and is resistant to weathering, and quartzite is a cheaper building stone than other stones.

    Marble: Another stone that we deal with in this section is marble, which is used in the building’s interior due to the beauty of the caressing eye.

    The color of the stone

    Stone color is another factor affecting the Iranian Granite Stone price stone, which also directly affects the beauty of the space. Therefore, choosing the right color is doubly essential. The point to note is that some rocks react quickly with certain chemicals and change color, and lose their original color. Therefore, in choosing the stone, you should pay special attention to the building’s geographical location. Also, some rocks lose their color due to intense sunlight. That is why it is better to use these stones inside the building.

    Stone cutting

    Another critical factor in the Iranian Granite Stone price is stone cutting. Here, too, the cost of building stone varies according to the characteristics of the stone and the price of the processing tools. For example, as mentioned in the first part, granite is a hard rock, so cutting and polishing it requires more cost, and this cost has a direct impact on the price of a stone. In general, it can be said that the softer the stone, the less it is processed, and ultimately the cheaper the building stone.

    Durability of stone

    Iranian Granite Stone price

    Granite also has a specific physical and chemical structure, and some physical and chemical factors affect the durability of the rock. One of the physical factors that effectively reduce the durability of the rock is the temperature changes that cause the rock to break. Water and moisture are other factors that directly affect the durability of the stone. Therefore, we recommend that you choose the building stone of your choice according to the region’s climate. The Iranian Granite Stone price depends on its durability.

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