• Types of Iranian Granite Stone


    Granite mines in Iran : Iran has many mines, especially stone mines; Iranian Granite Stone can be extracted from mines in various cities and used for other purposes. Iranian Granite Stone is additionally one of the stones whose mines are found in urban communities like Khorram Dareh, Birjand, Hamedan, Mashhad, Natanz, Gilan, Toos, Nehbandan, Yazd, and Zanjan. The plan and shade of this item are distinctive around there, and this is an incredible benefit for the country, which disposes of the need to import this stone.

    Introducing the best types of granite stones

    Iran is one of the countries that have a special place in the field of granite mines. Among the best mines of this material in the country, we can mention Natanz black granite, Tuyserkan of Hamedan, Zahedan, and Nehbandan of South Khorasan. In the following, we will talk in detail in this regard.

    Natanz Iranian Granite Stone


    This Iranian Granite Stone has a black theme and is extracted from several mines. Thus, every one of them has its own trademark. The distinction between the stones of these mines is in the darkness of their shading, so some of them are hazier in shading with white lines, and others have a more uniform pencil tip. The characteristics of this stone are low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, high resistance to cold and heat, and sunlight. In the assembling cycle of this item, epoxy is utilized to make its shading more uniform. Natanz dark Iranian rock block has different mines, including Natanz Molaei, Hosseini, Alizadeh, and Shafaq dark stone mines. Among these mines, the Molaei mine has a top-notch. The item shade of this mine is dull with white lines. The most generally utilized utilizations of this stone are its utilization to clear the structure’s inside. The cost of this material relies upon different elements. For instance, the kind of mine can influence its quality and, at last, its cost. Preparing quality, measurements, and thickness are otherwise called different variables influencing the expense of the stone. Sarkan dark rock has a dark shading topic and is quite possibly the most unique stones in Iran. Features of this stone include its high sub-adjustability. This stone has a uniform dark tone and high obstruction and can be utilized for clearing the inside of the structure, flight of stairs, and flight of stairs.

    Tuyserkan granite of Hamedan

    This Iranian Granite Stone has a black color theme and is one of the most special granites in Iran. Features of this product include its top sub-adjustability. This stone has a uniform dark tone and high opposition and can be utilized for clearing the inside of the structure, flight of stairs, and flight of stairs. Among the factors influencing the price of this stone, we can mention its thickness, dimensions, and processing quality in terms of saw and cut. The cleaner the shade of this item and without breaks, the higher the cost.

    Zahedan granite

    This product is known as one of the brightest cotton flower granites in Iran. Features of this stone include regular granulation, high strength, and relatively low water absorption. Its color is lighter than Natanz white granite. This material has several mines, the best of which is the string mine. Its features include a uniform surface and peppery salt grains. This stone has a good sub-scalability, and it is used in the interior of the building, stairs, and as a kitchen counter. Several factors affect the price of this stone. For example, the type of mine in terms of quality and color, thickness and dimensions of the rock, and the quality of processing are among the factors affecting the price of this stone. The greater the thickness and dimensions of the stone, the higher the price. Also, clean stones without tubers and light are more expensive than other samples

    Nehbandan granite

    Shaghayegh Nehbandan Iranian Granite Stone is one of the best types of granite. The characteristics of this stone are low water absorption, high strength, and uniformity of its surface. This stone does not have much sorting, and its weaker sorts have black spots. This product has different uses, including its use as a paving stone inside the building, stairwell, and staircase. This material is an example of the most widely used stones for office and industrial projects. The purer this material is and the more tuber-free it is, and the thicker it is and the larger its dimensions. Its price is also higher. The quality of stone processing in terms of saw and cutting also affects its price.

    Identical features in Iranian Granite Stone

    Granite stones are all very strong because of their structure. These stones are highly resistant to various destructive factors and have a long life.

    The essential features of black granite include resistance to water and chemicals, resistance to impact and scratches, resistance to air pollution, resistance to climate change such as cold, heat, wind, dust, no change in color Sunlight, good adhesion to mortar, convenient stone maintenance.

    Due to these excellent properties, black granite can be used in all parts of the building, from exterior to interior. Parts such as walls, stairs, cabinets, and countertops or Kitchen Island, for floor stone in the whole building, for bathroom, for garden beautification.

    What are different types of Iranian Granites and their application?

    In addition to black granite in public and busy places such as sidewalks, street signs, commercial, office buildings, hospitals, they are also widely used. Iranian Granite Stone can also be used in combination with other materials.

    Iranian Granite Stone is much more durable than its Brazilian competitor, and we have different types of Iranian Granite stone. Because we have many different types, you can choose freely among them. For example, if you don’t like the black color, feel free to select another color that you desire. The price of Iranian Granite Stone is way lower than in other countries. Plus, you can buy these stones online. We use Iranian Granite stone in different parts of the house, and you can literally use it everywhere. But before choosing one, it’s better to talk to professionals in the field.

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