• What are different types of Iranian Granites and their application?

    Iranian Granites

    Iranian Granites is one of the most widely used stone types in buildings, which is used in floors, walls, and stairs. This beautiful stone has been used as a facade in the past, but in recent years, it is no longer used as a building facade after realizing its shortcomings. We will give you some useful information about this stone. So, please continue reading to find out more about them.

    One of the internal igneous rocks is granite, which is also known as Khara. This type of stone has a texture with medium to large grains, and even though the minerals in it are found in various colors from pink to bold gray and even black. It is necessary to know that Iranian Granites is one of the heaviest rocks.

    However, it has excellent strength and resistance. Nonetheless, it is required to know that this stone can play an essential role in strengthening the building. The variety of colors can also be used as an element to decorate various buildings.

    Specifications of Iranian Granites

    The average density of Iranian Granites is between 2.65 and 2.75 grams per cubic centimeter (165 and 172 pounds per square meter ) .

    Its pressure tolerance is usually higher than 200 MPa, and its viscosity is close to STP 3-6 • 1019 Pa / s. The melting temperature of dry granite stone at ambient pressure is 1215–1261 ° C (2219–2300 degrees Fahrenheit); Granite is generally very resistant to cracking and breakage.

    What are the date and significant granite exports?

    The related granite and marble industries are one of the oldest industries globally, dating back to ancient Egypt. Many years ago. Major exporters of modern granite include Iran, China, India, Italy, Brazil, Norway, Canada, Turkey, Spain, and the United States.

    Advantages of Iranian Granites

    High strength and durability

    As mentioned, Iranian Granites or Khara is one of the strongest and hardest stones, so it is widely used as a building material. It is necessary to know that this type of stone symbolizes hardness and resistance and does not scratch easily. However, it can be used in busy places. It is also extremely resistant to heat.

    Resistance to water and chemicals

    Iranian Granites are also resistant to water penetration and also not easily damaged by impact, which with all these cases can be said to withstand the conditions of industrial environments well. Corrosion resistance is another advantage of Iranian Granites stones so that if chemicals are poured on them, they will not be damaged.

    Beauty and pure surface

    Unlike travertine, these beautiful stones have a perfectly pure surface. They also have a relatively good variety of colors and designs that keep your hands free to choose from.

    Granite stone colors

    In terms of color, Iranian Granites can be divided into four categories: chocolate granite, black Iranian Granites, red granite, and gray granite; So that the gray granite stones are light gray and are divided into three categories: Natanz Iranian Granites, Nehbandan Iranian Granites, and Mashhad pearl granite.

    Chocolate granite is often ivory and beige chocolate divided into two categories: Zanjan spring chocolate granite and Khorramdareh chocolate granite. Black granite stones are also such that they have high strength and durability, so it can be said that the darker the granite stones, the stronger it is.

    This type of stone is also divided into two categories: Alamut black granite and Tuyserkan black granite. But the last sort of granite stone is red granite, which is the only type of red granite in Yazd, and its resistance is comparable to black Granite of Iran stones.

    Application of Iranian Granites

    Because of its high strength and durability, it can be used in any part of the building, both indoors and outdoors. However, among the most critical applications of this type of stone in stairs, sidewalk paving (usually in the form of cubic stone), flooring, wall coverings, landscaping, building facade, toilet sink, elevator stone, kitchen counter – stone tabletop, the front piece of furniture.

    Granite mines in Iran

    In general, it can be stated that Iran is a rich country in terms of stone mines because, in this country, different types of stones can be found in mines in other cities. Iranian Granites, one of the precious stones, has been found in cities such as Hamedan, Mashhad, Natanz, Gilan, Nehbandan, Yazd, and Zanjan Khoramdareh, Toos, etc. It is necessary to know that the design and color of granite stones are different in each region. This is the most significant advantage for Iran, which has made Iran no need to import granite.

    Prices of granite stones

    Since granites have high hardness, the cost of cutting and processing them is naturally higher than limestone. The price of these stones varies and depends on various factors, the cheapest of which is Mashhad pearl granite and the most expensive is Natanz black.

    Disadvantages of granite stones

    Despite what has been said about the advantages of granite stones, it is necessary to know that these stones also have disadvantages that it is better to get acquainted with before choosing and using them as materials in your building.

    High weight and low adhesion

    It is also necessary to know that due to the high weight of granites, using it in the facade puts a dead load on the building, and you should know that if you want to use mortar for gluing this type of stone, it is time-consuming.

    Lack of insulation for sound and heat

    Other disadvantages of granite stones are that these stones are not thermal and sound insulation and, as a result, lead to energy loss in buildings.

    Radiation harmful to the human body under certain conditions

    Some granite types have a high iron content, which can be harmful to the human body when used in places exposed to gamma and X-rays.

    Rust in some varieties

    Granite contains iron, and in some varieties of it, more iron is found. This iron gradually rusts when exposed to moisture and destroys the beautiful view.

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