• What is an Iranian granite block?

    Iranian granite block

    One of the types of building blocks is the Iranian granite block. Iranian granite block, as everyone knows, is formed by the cooling of molten material. So around the volcanic mountains, this rock is found more than anywhere else. But this does not mean that granite is not available in other parts of the world.

    Block granite of Iran is one of those building blocks with the most mines in the world and the country.

    The minerals in the Iranian granite block are quartz, feldspar, mica, black talc (biotite), and amphibole. The color of this igneous rock, depending on the type of mineral and its amount, from gray to white, black, green, chocolate, red, and others.

    Features of Iranian granite block

    If we want to make a list of the most durable and most complex natural building blocks, the Iranian granite block‘s name will definitely be at the top of this list. Iranian granite block is considered one of the most resistant stones due to its formation conditions. The following are the main features of this stone.

    Resistance to water penetration

    Iranian granite block is one of the rocks with low porosity, which has caused it to have very little water absorption. So, if you spill water on it, you don’t worry about it.

    Heat resistance

    A rock made of molten material cannot be expected to have low heat resistance. Accordingly, granite is widely used in construction. It has really good durability against heat, and you can use it in many different places without any problem.

    Resistance to corrosion and abrasion

    If you have used granite in a place that is in direct contact with chemicals or is exposed to heavy traffic, do not worry about the loss of stone because an Iranian granite block has a high resistance to abrasion and corrosion.

    Another feature of Iranian granite block is that with other building materials such as wood, glass, cement, and is matching.

    Disadvantages of granite stones

    Granite weighs more than other building stones, so if you plan to use granite as a facade stone, be sure to use plaque, as the stone may come off after a while. Installing granite is time-consuming. Iranian granite block is a hard block, so the extraction and processing of this stone require machines and powerful machines, which has made granite more expensive than other stones. Granite is not a thermal and sound insulator.

    Application of Iranian granite block

    Since an Iranian granite block has good resistance against various factors, there is no place or part of the building where it cannot be used.

    Granite can be used for stairs, parking lots, floors, and walls of all buildings with any use. Also, for counters, cabinets, kitchen sinks, landscaping in urban and personal spaces, sidewalks, tables, decorative and decorative works, this stone is used. Iranian granite block export is also of importance and many companies are working in this field.

    The best granite stones

    Among all granite stones, some are more famous, such as Nehbandan granite, Natanz granite, Tuyserkan granite, Birjand lettuce green, Birjand forest green granite, Khorram Dareh granite, turquoise, Hamedan cotton flower granite, and.

    Granite mines in Iran

    Iran is one of the richest active countries in the field of natural building stone mines, of which granite has a significant share of these mines.

    The provinces of South Khorasan and Razavi, West and East Azerbaijan, Isfahan, Zanjan, Yazd, Hamedan are essential provinces in the field of extraction and production construction granite. Iran is a rich country in terms of stone mines; because different types of it can be extracted from mines in various cities and used for other purposes. Granite is also one of the stones whose mines are found in cities such as Khorram Dareh, Birjand, Hamedan, Mashhad, Natanz, Gilan, Toos, Nehbandan, Yazd, and Zanjan. The design and color of this product are different in each region, and this is an excellent advantage for the country, which eliminates the need to import this stone.

    Black Iranian granite block, one of the most popular

    This granite has a dark layer and is separated from a few mines. Consequently, every one of them has its own attributes. The difference between these mines’ stones is in the opacity of their color so that some of them are darker in color with white lines and others have a more uniform pencil tip. This stone’s features include low water absorption, high abrasion resistance, high resistance to cold and heat, and sunlight.

    In the manufacturing process of this product, epoxy is used to make its color more uniform. Natanz black Iranian granite block has various mines, including Natanz Molaei, Hosseini, Alizadeh, and Shafaq black granite mines. Among these mines, Molaei mine produces very high quality stones. The granite color of this mine is dark with white lines. One of the most widely used applications of this stone is its use to pave the building’s interior. The price of this material depends on various factors. For example, the type of mine can affect its quality and, ultimately, its price. Processing quality, dimensions, and thickness are also known as other factors affecting the stone’s price.

    Iranian granite block Tuyserkan Hamedan

    Sarkan black granite has a black color theme and is one of the most special granites in Iran. Features of this product include its high sub-scalability. This stone has a uniform black color and high resistance and can be used for paving the interior of the building, stairwell, and staircase. Green granite group can assist and provide you with the best kind of Iranian granite block that is suitable for your purpose.

    Among the factors influencing this stone’s price, we can mention its thickness, dimensions, and processing quality in terms of saw and cut. The cleaner the color of this product and without cracks, the higher the price. I hope that this information was sufficient and helpful for you.

    Some critical questions about Iranian granite block

    What methods are used to extract granite from the mine?

    Granite is usually mined in the form of a parallel hole or a diamond cutting wire.

    Does granite have radioactive properties?

    Yes, it does. But it’s not that much, and it can’t hurt the human body.

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