• Do we have any Iranian granite supplier?

    Iranian granite supplier

    We have an Iranian granite supplier. Granite is a natural stone from the heart of the earth that has different types and colors. Among the most famous granite stones in Iran, we can mention pearl Iranian granite supplier in Khorasan. Iranian granite supplier has colored in white, gray, and red. White, black, pink, green, and blue are found. The center of stone production in Iran is Isfahan province, which has the most stones and various stones. Besides, Markazi province, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Yazd, Zanjan, Qazvin, and Hamedan are in the following ranks.

    Export in the eye of Iranian granite supplier

    Export of various types of construction granite has long been one of the most prosperous items in the country’s export industry. Iranian ores, both raw and processed, have many fans abroad. Granite is a widely used stone in the field of export. Iranian granite supplier tends to export granite due to the very high resistance of this stone and its low price. Nehbandan granite Natanz granite Morvarid granite Zahedan granite Khorram Darreh granite Yazd red granite is one of the categories of Iranian granite that includes the export of granite by Iranian granite supplier. Large-scale landscaping projects in Iraq and other countries could increase granite exports by Iranian granite supplier. Granite is suitable in the cold and all weather conditions, and walking on it does not reduce its quality. Way stone completes all the steps of exporting travertine stone and ships to the designated destination. Many countries welcome Iranian stones, and this industry has an active market in various drawers, such as China and the United Arab Emirates. Only in Europe are Iranian stones exported to Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Poland, Canada, and even South America, Australia, and Japan. It can almost be said that we have few products that we can export to European countries in this way. European markets’ qualities and standards can be quickly produced in Iranian stone factories, and there is no problem in this regard in the country.

    Granite is exported to Europe and the United States by Iranian granite supplier. Because this stone, despite its high resistance, has a low price. Granite is suitable in all weather conditions, and traffic on it does not reduce its quality. Marble is also very famous. Of course, this stone is mainly used for large commercial companies. And they use this precious stone in the facade of their building. This stone has various designs and transmits light.

    For this reason in hotels and restaurants and… It is widely used. The light behind this stone will increase this stone’s beauty many times over, and every viewer will be nailed in its place.

    The most important producers of granite in Iran are:




    Shahin Dej



    The best countries for exporting Iranian granite







    Turkey has the best market among the mentioned countries. Granite is the most beautiful internal igneous rock that has a medium to large grain texture. This stone has different colors: pink, orange to cream, gray, black. Also, this stone has a very cohesive texture.

    Granite Suppliers of Iran


    BYP STONE is an expert and dynamic Iranian granite supplier of some rich marble and travertine stones in various structures and depends entirely on the client\’s requirements. It is situated in Isfahan, the wellspring of the best normal stone quarries and plants in Iran.

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies

    Danesh Talaee ( DT ) Co., Ltd.

    We can present to you all the quality you anticipate not just in tiles (POLISHED, HONED, TUMBLED, BORDERS, MOSAIC, ANTIQUE), pieces and squares yet additionally in CUT TO SIZE undertakings, for example, divider cladding, ledges, segments for Hotels, Office Building, Condominium, and so forth

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies


    3D shapes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Funerary Arts, Handcraft, Slabs, Tiles and Transformation


    Since 2007, it has been one of the prominent organizations underway and faring Iranian stones. We are associated with numerous industrial facilities and quarries altogether around IRAN. We produce and fare Marble, Travertine, Limestone, rock, and Onyx of sections, slice to estimate, and Tiles. Different completing, for example, cleaned, Honed brushed, and sandblasted.

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies

    Khanaki Trade Services

    Marble, Travertine, Onyx, Limestone, Sandstone

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies


    Shapes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Extraction, Funerary Arts, Handcraft, Slabs, Tiles, Trading, and Transformation

    Abang Company

    We are the producer and exporter of a wide range of building regular stones, for example, Travertine, Marble, Limestone, Onyx, Granite, and so on. They are exportable in pieces, tile, creation, tumbled, and various structures.

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies


    Enhancing Objects, Export, Slabs, and Tiles

    Persia Stone

    Persia Stone is an Iranian granite supplier. It has begun its movement in assembling, providing, and dispersing various Iranian stone types since 2010 in the Islamic Republic of Iran in Isfahan city. The aftereffect of these exercises’ arrangement has been a comprehensive and shut relations with the more significant part of Quarries and stone production lines in Iran.

    Organization Type

    Stone Companies


    Solid shapes and Edgestones, Cut-to-Size, Decorative Objects, Export, Slabs, Tiles, Trading, and Transformation

    Sepahan Safir Stone Industrial Co.

    A famous Iranian granite supplier. Sourcing stone straightforwardly from the quarries permits us to offer our clients the best items at a low cost. All Safir’s Granite is painstakingly aligned, slanted, and cleaned. Safir Co attempts to present to you the best quality rock tile at low prices.

    Green Granite Group, A great Iranian granite supplier

    The Iranian granite supplier of the most outstanding complex of stone quarries and manufacturing plants in Iran since 1985. The Green Granite Group began its activity in 1985 from Birjand, South Khorasan, in eastern Iran. The exciting environment in this district (Birjand, South Khorasan) offers us the chance to have mining activity lasting through the year. The Green Granite Group is an Iranian granite supplier whose contributing accomplices’ first concern has consistently been giving our clients great items. To accomplish the most elevated creation quality, we use and join current devices and strategies (approaches) in our creation cycle. Along these lines, to create the most excellent rock blocks, we use the precious stone wire cutting method altogether of our quarries. The Green Granite Group is glad to be in numerous fruitful joint endeavors with worldwide and homegrown financial backers in rock mining and post-mining creation measures. We are inviting new financial backers with tempting offers. This gathering is known for its enormous stores of various stone sorts on the lookout. As the most excellent green stone maker in Iran, we supply both our homegrown and global clients. Most of our items are traded to Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Turkey, China, Taiwan, Arabian nations, Australia, Canada, and various nations worldwide.

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